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Annunciation by Leonardo


Annunciation by Leonardo Tour

The Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci is visible during Uffizi tour, this masterpiece painting is a famous fact of the Christian tradition where the figure of the angel on the left side speaks to the lady who was depicted on the right side of the picture. The Annunciation by Leonardo is set in a scenario opened with an open landscape in the background, a environment that usually is made in paintings with different themes from this.

The Annunciation paintingi is one of the most famous masterpieces of Uffizi gallery museum. With the Annunciation Leonardo wanted to represent the religious theme but differing from other artists.

Analyzing this artwork of Leonardo da Vinci art we can notice the architecture, behind the Virgin, is that of the Florentine fifteenth century fashion. Also the lectern stand is painted by the fifteenth century sculptural model.

To bring out details in the background in  Annunciation, Leonardo uses a slightly distorted perspective, so it highlights details of the persons present in the background of the painting.


Annunciation Leonardo da Vinci Tour in Florence

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