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Palazzo Vecchio Tour


Palazzo Vecchio Tour

Palazzo Vecchio tour begins from the courtyard of Michelozzo. One of the most important places to visit in Palazzo Vecchio is the famous Salone dei Cinquecento, a immense hall decorated regally. Palazzo Vecchio always been the political center of Florence. In addition to this part of the Palazzo Vecchio, is also a important Florence museum where is possible admire the magnificent rooms, which exhibits valuable works of great historical and artistic value. 

Palazzo Vecchio Tour in Florence

One of the most spectacular things to see during the Palazzo vecchio tour is the Salone dei Cinquecento, a hall with respectable sizes. On the walls of the living room you can admire great frescoes depicting the victorious battles of Florence against Pisa and Siena. These masterpieces were painted on panels by Vasari and his students, who represent the most important episodes in the life of Cosimo I de 'Medici. In the central niche placed in the south of the living room is placed marble work of the great Michelangelo representing the Victory. On the first floor there are rooms known as the "Monumental Quarters" for the abundance of decorations dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of the Medici family. The most important of these rooms is the Hall of Leo X, the Pope of the Roman Church. On the walls are painted degrees scenes depicting Pope Leo X in the most significant moments of his pontificate. On the second floor there is the Quarter of the Elements, consisting of five rooms and two galleries, continuing there are various room with artistic and architectural works of great value such as the Chapel of Eleonora frescoed by Agnolo Bronzino. Next to this there is the Hall of Justice, the roof of which is laminated with pure gold, this was used as a meeting place of the six priors, the timing of their government. Here we find the Sala dei Gigli celebrating the emblem of the French crown in this room there is a famous painting biblical made by Donatello. Continuing in the Hall of Geographical Maps, the name of the room comes from the representation of 53 maps of scientific interest that make the idea of ​​geographical knowledge of the sixteenth century. Between the first and the second floor there is a mezzanine, a space created by Michelozzo in 1453.

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