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Palazzo Davanzati Tour

Palazzo Davanzati


Palazzo Davanzati tour is today one of the most characteristic museums that can be visited, the museum of Palazzo Davanzati is a perfectly preserved example of a classic residence belonging to a rich Florentine family. The construction of the building dates back to about 300 and was commissioned by the rich Davizzi family, later it was bought by Bernardo Davanzati, rich merchant and fine patron.

palazzo davanzati tour

Palazzo Davanzati has a large and majestic stone facade similar to a tall medieval tower, on the ground floor there are three large portals that form the ancient open gallery. In the upper floors of the building there are rooms frescoed in a refined and elegant way. By visiting this palace one can still imagine the everyday life that took place in this sumptuous palace. The Camera dei Pavoni, the Camera dei Pappagalli, Camera delle Impannate and the Chamber of Castellana di Vergy are the names of the finest rooms of this beautiful building. This building is an example of modernity for the ancient era, in addition to the rich furnishings and sumptuous frescoes is a well inside the structure that supplied water, the toilet facilities connected to the bedrooms are another very rare feature for the medieval buildings. In Palazzo Davanzati there are also a refined collection of lace and embroidery in addition to a collection of ancient ceramics from Montelupo. Scattered as furnishings in the various rooms there are also antique pieces typical of the noble houses of the time: stained-up wedding chests such as laundry baskets, a fourteenth-century treasure chest, beds and beds.

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